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Life can start to feel hopeless after trying multiple boot camp programs, fitness trends, gym memberships, and self-help videos only to continue to struggle with your weight and overall health.

Find real results at Elite Edge! After beginning their free week, thousands of other people just like you have gotten a glimpse of the transformation that is actually possible for them. These people have gone on to lose 20 – 180 pounds, get their lives back, and feel better with personalized nutrition counseling and ongoing training.

You can be the next person to join the movement that will change your life. Reach out today, and finally get a hold of the person you want to become.

Waukee Training Schedule

In order to accommodate the busy and constantly changing schedules of our members, Elite Edge Transformation coaches offer training sessions that begin on the hour each day. As listed in the chart schedule, stop in at any time that works for you!

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Free 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

We are the only facility that believes so much in our process that we pay for your transformation. You heard that right. If you make the change, it’s free. Here is how you succeed: You lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and your transformation is free. That is a guarantee. We plan on using your success to market Elite Edge transformation center. You can see before/after photos all over this website of people just like you who took our 6-Week Challenge, lost 20 pounds, and did the whole program for free. We want you to succeed, because if you succeed, we both succeed—that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

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Elite Edge Transformation Center Waukee, Iowa

Elite Edge Transformation Center

495 SE Alice’s Road
Waukee, Iowa 50263
Tel: (515) 987-8100
Email: eric@eliteedgegym.com

Elite Edge Waukee

Meet Our Transformation Team

Eric Howser

Eric Howser

General Manager

I have been a member of the Waukee Elite Edge team since 2014. I graduated from Grand View University with a B.A. in Psychology as well as a B.A. in Human Services. I am a former professional fighter, who competed in Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing, competing for companies such as Bellator and gaining wins over a UFC veteran. I enjoy helping clients reach their goals, both in and out of the gym. I believe that people are capable of anything they set their mind to, and I strive to inspire others to believe in themselves in the same way.

Justin Shepherd

Justin Shepherd

Head Coach

Head Coach at Elite Edge Waukee, I have always been involved with fitness and athletics. Growing up, I was a four sport athlete throughout high school. After graduation, I attended Simpson College to continue my academic and athletic career with a major in Biology focusing on Sports Science as well as Marketing. On the Simpson football team, I was a four year starter, twice earning all-conference honors. After graduating and earning a certification as a C.S.C.S from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, I joined Elite Edge Waukee in October of 2017.

Phillip Vsetecka

Phillip Vsetecka


I grew up in the northeast corner of Iowa, and developed my love for health and fitness through my family. They have always been very active and competitive in athletics. After high school, I attended the University of Northern Iowa and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science while playing competitive rugby. I still enjoy rugby on the side, and also compete in Powerlifting with a 1,719 total. I love to help our clients be the best possible version of themselves!

Brandi Page Buskohl

Brandi Page Buskohl

Chief Energy Officer

My journey at Elite Edge began with a 6 Week Challenge in 2016, so I can relate and provide personal experience to our challengers. I handle things behind the scenes, so our trainers can help our members and challengers get the most out of their Elite Edge Transformation Center experience. From answering questions and putting out fires to paperwork and overall office administration, I help keep things running smoothly so members can get the most of their time with us! Next time you stop in, be sure to say hi!

These Members Transformed Their Lives with Elite Edge. You Can be Next.

Sashank Ganti
Sashank Ganti
23:34 21 Oct 19
Just completed my 6 week program. Achieved the goals as established by the program by simply following the plan. They use this term FTDI ... a lot. Join yourself to find out what it means and simple rule is to stick to it. The workouts are the funnest part of the whole experience. Just under an hour, simple, dynamic, and never boring. All together a great gym, excellent culture and positive attitude all across.
Justin  Brecht
Justin Brecht
13:50 19 Oct 19
I just finished the 6 week transformation challenge. Lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks. Great program & workouts. Trainers are very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help you meet goals and use proper form when lifting. I strongly recommend looking into the challenge if you are struggling to get started.
Mesha Wagner
Mesha Wagner
02:57 24 Sep 19
I just completed my first 6 Week Challenge and it was hands down the most rewarding experience. There were times I literally fell out of bed in the morning, I was that sore. It was a good sore though, it was muscles waking back up that I forgot I even had. I can’t rave enough about the trainers. They support you every step of the way. Their passion shines through everyday in that gym. The feeling I had getting in that scale and seeing 20lbs gone forever was more than rewarding!!! To celebrate the win, I signed up for a second 6 Week Challenge 😁😁. If your on the fence about doing this Challenge, I say get off the couch, take a chance on yourself and get in and talk to them. You won’t regret the life changing decision!!!!

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