The Elite Edge 6-Week Challenge

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The Best, Most Effective, Most Fun Boot Camp Program in Des Moines

It is hard to find the right gym membership or fitness program that works for you, but your search stops here with the Elite Edge 6-Week Challenge. Not only is the Elite fitness model fun and effective, but our members thrive in a non-judgemental yet structured training environment so you can feel empowered to change without feeling embarrassed. Enjoy all of the perks of Elite Edge when you try the 6-Week Boot Camp Challenge for free–from one-one-one training, to nutrition counseling, and more.

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Personalized, Complementary Nutrition Counseling

Free with your Elite Edge membership, reap the benefits of personalized healthy meal plans for weight loss, muscle building, and more. We work with certified dieticians to create  meal plans that don’t make you feel miserable while working towards your fitness goals!

One-on-One Training & Personal Consultations

In order to maximize the benefit you gain from group trainings, our trainers schedule personal one-on-one meetings with you to discuss your progress. Trainers will guide you in maintaining or altering your meal plan or exercises in order to reach the results you desire. This complimentary personal training aspect of Elite Edge truly empowers you to lose weight and get healthy.

Elite Fitness Technology: The InBody Machine

In order to accurately assess your body composition and cater your training program to work well with your current health and fitness state, Elite Edge members and trainers utilize InBody technology. This precise and highly-recommended machine is designed to quickly analyze your body composition and present it in a clean and easy-to-understand!

A Fitness Culture of Accountability for No-Fail Results

In every 6-Week Challenge at Elite Edge, you can expect a room filled with people just like you, of varying ages and body types, to keep you accountable in a team-oriented atmosphere. Participants in the Elite Edge 6-Week Challenge find constant encouragement and the will to press on in the relationships formed throughout each training session.

Commit to Six Weeks, Gain the Power of a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle.

Simply submit your information below, and one of our trainers will reach out so you can attain the change you have been dreaming of for years.