How To Get The Most Benefits From Your Deadlift Exercise

If you’re looking to firm up your backside, one exercise that you must be considering adding to your workout program is the deadlift.  A proper deadlift is excellent for strengthening the hamstring and glute muscles. It will also help to build some lower back strength. 

When added to a well-rounded lower body weight lifting workout program, these are top-notch for delivering the results that you’re looking for. 

That said, if you want to see the absolute best results possible from the deadlift activity, there are some important things that you should note. 

By performing this exercise properly, you can really help to enhance the overall results that you see. 

Let’s take a quick peek at what you need to know. 

Perform The Deadlift On One Leg 

The first way that you can get even more from the deadlift exercise is to perform it on one leg only. A single leg deadlift is a fantastic way to really strengthen up those glute muscles and get them responding fast. 

As an added benefit, because of the fact that you’ll be less balanced in this position, you’ll find that it also works the core to a larger extent as well, so if getting six pack abs is a goal of yours, this can really help out. 

Squeeze Up With The Glutes 

The second thing that you need to be thinking about when performing the deadlift is squeezing up with the glute muscles. 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when with their deadlift exercises is pulling from the lower back. 

Avoid this at all costs. If you aren’t thinking about using the right muscles, chances are good that you’ll use muscles that you shouldn’t be. 

Squeeze up from the glutes and you’ll target the precise muscles you’re after. 

Perform The Exercise Over A Three Count 

Finally, the last step to making the most of the deadlift exercise is to perform the movement in a very slow and controlled manner. 

Many people often rush right through this exercise, performing it as quickly as they possibly can.  Rather than doing so, perform it slowly so that you can get every single muscle fiber contracting maximally. 

Count to three on the way up the exercise, pause at the top for a brief moment, and then lower back down to a three count as well. 

So there you have the main things to remember as you perform your deadlift exercises.  If you currently aren’t doing this exercise as part of your workout program, now is definitely the time to add it in.  It will go a long way towards completely reshaping your backside and building the lower body strength that forms a strong foundation for any other exercises you choose to perform. 

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