How To Form A Proper Workout Journal

As you go about your workout program, one thing that you should take the time to do is write in a good workout journal.  Those who keep track of their workouts on a regular basis are going to see enhanced overall results because they’ll know precisely where they stand at all times. 

Just as you must have a thorough plan in place for each time you hit the gym, you should never go without having a clear record of all the achievements you’ve made. A workout journal makes this easier.

Not only does it help ensure that you push yourself as hard as possible with each coming workout session so that you can beat your last sessions performance, but if you ever feel your motivation start to wane, you can easily look back over your workout journal and see just how far you’ve come. 

Let’s take a closer peak right now at the main things that you’ll want to be noting in your workout journal in order to see best results from it. 

The Exercises Performed 

The first thing to note in your workout journal is the exercises that you performed.  Writing this down will allow you to track which exercises have the most noticeable impacts on your body and which help to improve the way you look. 

If you’re doing squats and seeing great results but then start doing leg presses and don’t see as clear of improvements, that would then indicate that the squat is a much more preferable exercise for you. 

Each person responds slightly different to various movements, so tracking things in a workout journal will help you learn best which ones will allow you to build your dream body. 

The Reps And Sets Completed 

The second thing you can use a workout journal to look at is the number of reps and sets that you completed.  Keeping track of this in your workout journal is especially important as these are two variables that you’ll want to constantly be changing around to make sure that you’re progressing.  

If you did ten reps last session, the next session try and do eleven or twelve instead. It’s much easier to have it written down instead of trying to remember. 

The Rest Taken 

Another key element that must be tracked in your workout journal is the amount of rest taken between sets.  Rest is vital to monitor because this is a strong influencer over how intense that workout is. 

If you’re using shorter rest periods, you’re going to notice that you get a greater metabolic boost from that workout session so this can become very important for helping to foster better overall fat loss results. 

Shorter rest periods will also help to build up a higher tolerance level to fatigue, so again this is something that will really move you forward in the right direction. 

Your Overall Energy Levels 

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to make note of in your workout journal is what your overall energy levels are like.  This way if you do happen to notice a decline in your workout performance, you can look back in your workout journal to assess whether it was an energy issue or otherwise. 

Also make note of your sleep habits the night before as well as your nutrition as both of these can factor into the energy levels you have as well. 

So there you have the main things that you must note in your workout journal.  If you’re serious about your success, get serious about keeping one of these.

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