Four Great Moves For Firmer Arms

If you’re someone who’s looking to enhance the tone and definition of your arm muscles, one thing that you absolutely must be doing is making sure that you’re strength training.
While performing cardio training is great to help decrease your overall body fat percentage, unless you’re doing something to really challenge the arm muscles and get them responding and growing back stronger, you aren’t going to see the results that you’re after.

Strength training is the number one way to enhance muscle definition and make sure that you’re seeing your body change right before your eyes. With that said, which exercises are great for firming the arms? When looking to firm the arms, you want to be focusing on movements that will work the biceps as well as the triceps as these are the two main muscles that make up the arms.

Let’s have a look at four great moves that you should consider if you want to get firmer arms.

Bicep Curls
The very first exercise to target the biceps that you’ll want to be including is the bicep curl. Bicep curls are an excellent way to enhance the curves of your arms and also gain some functional strength.

Since you use your bicep muscles every day whenever you pick up an object, you won’t want to be missing out on the benefits that these offer.

Close Grip Bench Press
The second exercise that you should be adding into the mix to make sure that you are building your best arms ever is the close grip bench press exercise. This exercise is ideal for those who are looking to firm the triceps and also work the chest at the same time.

As it is a compound movement, it’s also ideal for total body fat loss, which is another core element required for firmer arms.
When performing the close grip bench press, make sure that you lower the bar as low down to the body as you possibly can as this is what will ensure that you get maximum muscle activation.

Tricep Rope Press Down
Moving along, the tricep rope press-down is the next exercise to add to your routine. This one is a really great tricep isolation movement and will work every single head of the tricep muscle. When performing it you’ll want to make sure that you are keeping the elbows locked into the sides of the body at all times as this is what will ensure that you are using only the triceps to power you through the movement pattern.

Reverse Grip Barbell Row
Finally, to finish off your workout to get firmer arms, turn to a reverse grip barbell row. This movement is ideal for those who want to also work their back muscles, building a very attractive upper body. Unlike the normal grip reverse row however that will primarily work the back, the reverse grip row works the back as well as the biceps for more arm toning effects.

So next time you’re in the gym and on a mission to get more toned arms, make certain that you aren’t overlooking any of these exercises that need to be included in your workout plan.

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