Four Alternatives To Diet Soda

If you’re like most people on a fat loss diet plan, one thing that’s made its way into your plan is diet soda. If you have a sweet tooth, this may seem like the perfect solution.  Not only is it sweet and does it not contain any calories, but it’s also carbonated, which will really quench your thirst. 

But, despite the fact that diet soda is completely devoid of calories, it contains many unnatural ingredients that are really only going to put your health at risk. 

If you want to see best results from your health and fitness program, diet soda has to go.  What’s more is that many people will find that diet soda tends to make them appear rather bloated, so this can take away from how lean they look as they go about their program plan. 

So all of this said, what can you turn to instead of diet drinks? What are the best option to replace these beverages with?

Let’s give you a few ideas for alternatives to diet soda.

Home-Made Iced Tea 

The first of our alternatives to diet soda is home-made iced tea with lemon.  This option is great because it’s going to also be calorie free. If you make it with green tea, it can actually give you a slight boost to your metabolism as well. 

To prepare home-made iced tea, brew up a batch of your favorite tea and then place it over ice in the fridge.  Wait a few hours for it to cool and then serve with a few slices of lemon. 

Seltzer Water 

Moving on, the next quick beverage that you can use to replace your diet soda addiction is seltzer water. If it’s the carbonation that you crave, seltzer water will solve this craving in a hurry. 

It’s also completely calorie free and will offer a refreshing taste as you go about your day.  Just be sure that you are purchasing a variety that doesn’t contain sugar, as that would add unwanted calories. 

Water With Lemon 

The next option that you can use to help say so-long to diet soda is water with a slice of lemon.  Lemon adds an instant slash of flavor to your water and will make it easier to get down. 

If you want to see optimal fat loss success on your plan, you should be aiming to drink ten to twelve glasses of water per day, so this can definitely help you achieve that. 

Toss the lemon in the water and allow it to sit for an hour to let the flavor come out. 


Finally, last but not least, consider milk as one of your alternatives to diet soda.  While milk contains some calories that have to get worked into your total daily calorie intake, the good news is that it provides you with calcium, vitamin D, as well as protein – all important nutrients required for the development of strong muscles and bones. 

Milk is a great go-to beverage for those days when you need something to satisfy your appetite and desire a creamy taste. 

Just make sure you do choose skim or 1% in order to keep the total fat content down. 

So there you have the main options to consider as alternatives to diet soda.  If you do this, you should have no problem sticking with your diet plan. 

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