Fast Switches For Better Nutrition

As you go about your diet plan, one thing that you must be making sure you do is look at fas switches for better nutrition: similar foods to the ones that you’re eating right now that offer far superior all around nutrition.  Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest pay-offs in terms of your long term progress with regards to fat loss as well as in terms of how healthy you are. 

Let’s quickly go over a few of these very simplistic food swaps that you can start making immediately to take your progress and move it one giant leap forward. 

Eat Yams Rather Than Potatoes 

The very first simple switch to make is to eat yams rather than going in for some potatoes.  Potatoes tend to rank in fairly high on the glycemic index scale, so will produce a large blood sugar response followed by a crash. 

Since one of the primary goals while on a fat loss diet is to control your insulin response, yams prove to be far better.  These will release more slowly in the body so that you can keep hunger under control. 

Have Greek Yogurt Rather Than Fruit Yogurt 

The second change to make is to eat Greek yogurt rather than fruit flavored yogurt.  Greek yogurt is much higher in total protein content while being lower in sugar, two things that are extremely helpful while on a fat loss diet plan. 

Add a few fresh berries into your Greek yogurt if you need more flavor instead. 

Eat Salmon Rather Than Beef 

Looking at the protein intake side of things, go with salmon rather than beef.  While beef is a good source of iron so it’s okay to eat in your diet from time to time, salmon is going to provide you with the essential fats your body needs to stay healthy. 

Most people aren’t getting enough omega fats in their diet as it is, so salmon can help remedy this. 

Eat Almond Butter Rather Than Commercial Peanut Butter 

If you’re often smearing peanut butter over your foods, reconsider.  Peanuts are a source of healthy fats but when you purchase the commercial variety, you’ll be getting a lot of added sugars as well. 

Instead, opt for natural peanut butter or better yet, almond butter. This works great on anything that you would put peanut butter on and will have a higher overall fat to carb ratio. 

Eat Real Fruit Rather Than Drinking Fruit Juice 

Finally, the last quick change that you should make for faster overall diet success is to eat real fruit rather than drinking fruit juice. 

Fruit juice is very low in fiber so won’t be all that satisfying at all, which is important when you’re on a fat reducing diet plan. 

Go with real fruit and you’ll feel less hungry and improve your digestive system health. 

So there you have the main things to start doing right now to take your diet and maximize it.  These fast switches for better nutrition are small changes that will really yield big results when you make enough of them over time. 

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