Calories IN vs. Calories OUT

Jan 22, 2019

It’s actually surprisingly simple to win your own personal “Battle of the Bulge” and get the lean and toned look that everyone wants. Picture in your mind a balance scale; one side of the scale is for “calories in”, the other for “Calories Out”.  At the end of the day, whichever side is hanging lower will tell you if fat was gained or lost. If you take in more than you expend you will gain weight. If you expend more than you put in you will lose weight; pretty simple right?

So you are probably asking yourself “So how many calories do I need to eat in a day?” Until you have the answer to this question, everything else you do with your diet is really just a guess. Even if you eat all the right foods but are not weighing them and getting the right portion, you still won’t get the lean and fit body you want, here is what science tells us:

  • 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat.
  • Metabolism decreases 10 % per year if left unchecked.
  • Metabolism can be increased by 40–‐60% through structured nutrition and exercise.

Too many programs (led by inexperienced, average trainers) concentrate on burning calories during the session; what about the other 23 hours in the day? That is where we concentrate, which explains one of the many reasons our programs have been so successful in helping people reach and maintain their goals.

A simple formula I like to use to determine how many calories to eat on a non-training day is to multiply your weight by 11. So if you weigh 185 lbs, eat 2,035 calories per day. To get your training day expenditure just add the estimated amount of calories you burned in your workout.  At a typical Elite Edge Transformation Center session, you will burn anywhere from 500 – 800 calories.

A scientific study also tells us that for every 1 pound of muscle added, you burn an additional 50 calories per day.

1lb => Extra 50cals/day burnt

That does not sound like much, but let’s do some math: Let’s say in your first two months of Boot Camp, we put 10 lbs of muscle onto your frame. Here’s what happens:

10x 50x 7 = 3500 calories

You already know that 3500 calories are the amount stored in one pound of fat, so at this point, you will be burning an average of an extra POUND of fat EVERY WEEK WHILE YOU ARE RESTING!

These numbers aren’t 100 percent accurate for everyone, under every circumstance; but they are a good guideline for what can be achieved with a properly structured nutrition and exercise plan. This is where our Elite Edge Transformation program excels!

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