Break Away From Chicken With These Alternatives

Jan 25, 2019

Tired of having chicken breast after chicken breast each evening? If so, you need to consider your alternatives.  Always relying on just chicken to provide your main protein source for your lunch and dinner meals will get very boring after a set period of time.

If you want to see better results from your diet plan, not only do you want to be including a wide variety of different protein sources to ensure that you get a good mix of nutrients, but you also want to avoid falling off the plan due to boredom setting in.

If you’re eating the same thing day after day, you can bet boredom is on the way.

So what sources of protein can you turn to instead of your usual chicken breast?  What are the top options to consider?

Let’s have a quick peek at the main alternatives to chicken that you might want to consider.

Turkey Breast

The first alternative to chicken that you should consider is turkey breast.  Turkey breast meat is just as high in protein as chicken breast is and is often even lower in dietary fat.

This makes it perfect for those on intense fat loss diet plans and can easily be frozen for added convenience.

So next time a holiday dinner comes along, choose a much larger bird than you normally would.  This way you can easily freeze the left-overs to have during the weeknights when you need something different.

Don’t forget to consider ground turkey breast as well, as this is an incredibly lean way to prepare your burgers, meatballs, or casseroles.


The next protein source that you should consider is venison.  Venison is also great for those who are looking to promote lean muscle mass gains as it’s very high in protein while being very low in dietary fat.

In some cases, venison can actually be even leaner than chicken, which comes as a surprise to most people.

Start adding this into your diet more regularly in replace of fattier cuts of beef.

Lean Steak

Speaking of beef, if you do have a craving for red meat, turn to a lean piece of sirloin steak.  Adding some red meat into the diet is a smart move as it will provide you with the iron you need to sustain healthy red blood cell levels.

Those who are falling short in their iron intake will notice that they’re fast to fatigue as they go about their workout program, so this needs to be avoided.


Finally, last but not least, don’t overlook pork.  While pork isn’t quite as lean as chicken, it’s still a much leaner source of protein for you to consider when you need to break away from the usual.

Pork also will provide you with some iron like red meat, so is good for those who are at risk for iron-deficiency anemia.

So there you have some fresh ideas to break away from your usual chicken dinners.  Make sure that you are adding plenty of variety into your program so that boredom doesn’t ever get the best of you.  

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