Best Weight Lifting Exercises To Help with Your MMA Class

If you’re getting involved in one of our MMA classes to help boost your fitness level, add more variety to your workout sessions, and take your progress one step further, then it’s important that you are well prepared. 

Doing some effective strength training exercises can help to improve the muscles that you’ll be utilizing most when doing an MMA training sessions, therefore these can help to maximize the gains that you see. 

Let’s go over the top weight lifting exercises that you should be sure you’re including in your workout session. 

Chest Press 

The first good weight lifting exercise that you’ll want to consider implementing in your workout program is the chest press. The chest press is ideal because it’s going to work the primary muscles that are involved any time you take a jab forward and help to boost your explosive power at the same time. 

When doing the chest press exercise, utilize a faster paced tempo pattern if you can, pressing up the weight as fast as possible and then taking a few seconds to lower it back down again. 

Shoulder Press 

Next, the shoulder press is yet another terrific exercise to prepare you for your MMA training classes. The shoulder press is going to work the shoulders, the triceps, as well as the biceps, so works great in conjunction with the chest press activity.  


Lunges are also a great addition to any MMA weight lifting workout program. Since you will be using the quads quite extensively whenever you lean in to take a punch, you’ll want to be sure that they’re well developed. 

Lunges will also help to work your balance, which can provide further benefits as you go about your MMA training program. 

Bent Over Row 

Finally, last but not least, don’t forget the bent over row.  You’ll need to have a powerful back in order to pull the fist back before taking a punch and this exercise will allow you to do just that. 

Furthermore, the bent over row is going to round out the chest press exercise, so it’s important for maintaining a good degree of balance in your workout session. 

So make sure that you get a couple sets of each of these exercises in place as you go about your MMA training sessions.

If you prepare with these weight lifting exercises, you’ll be all set for your MMA training sessions!

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