Best Leg Strengthening Movements For Your Boot Camp
As you go about your boot camp sessions, it still can be a good idea to keep up with some traditional weight lifting workouts as well to help ensure that you maintain an optimal amount of strength throughout your training.
While the boot camp will definitely help you gain strength and add muscle definition, since you aren’t going to be using all that heavy of weights while you perform these sessions, you aren’t going to see as great of strength gains as you otherwise would.
Therefore, performing the additional weight lifting sessions along with your boot camp can really work to your advantage.
Let’s look at the top leg strengthening movements to consider.

First you have squats. Squats are excellent for working every single muscle group in the lower body and will also target your core as well. For a complete strength builder for your boot camp, this one can’t be beat.
When doing squats, make sure that you lower yourself all the way to the ground as best as possible.

Next, also add in some lunges. Lunges will target the quads, hamstrings, glutes, as well as the core to some degree as well and are ideal for those doing home workout sessions.
This is also a good addition to your boot camp sessions because it can help to improve your balance and agility as well.

Moving along, don’t overlook deadlifts. Deadlifts are a great exercise for targeting the lower back and hamstrings, so will round out the muscles you hit with the deadlift.
Between the squat and the deadlift, you can have a complete lower body workout session. As these are quite intense, aim to place them early on in your weight lifting program.

Split Squats
Finally, split squats are another terrific movement to help improve your performance in your boot camp sessions as they’ll really put your balance and agility to the test as well and help to hit the hamstrings and glutes maximally.
Split squats can be performed with a dumbbell or a barbell across your back as well. Either way, they’ll help you see fantastic progress.
So there you have the most important exercise to take note of to add in addition to your boot camp workouts. Do these and you’ll see faster improvements and be able to go about your workout sessions with ease.

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