Bed Time Snacking: 3 Snacks To Get You Leaner 

If you’re someone who’s on a fat loss diet and always going to bed hungry, you may want to rethink your practice of no bed time snacking.  Far too many people mistakenly believe that you must avoid all food before bed if you want to reach your fat loss goals. 

The thought process here is that by eating before bed, you’re just going to set yourself up to experience fat gain as all the calories you consume will be directly converted into body fat stores. 

This isn’t the case, however.  As long as the calories that you eat before you head off to get your beauty sleep for the evening are worked into your total daily calorie intake, they definitely do not need to cause you to gain weight. 

The trick is choosing food wisely, and making sure that the calories do add up to help you meet your daily goals.  Do that, and you can finally go to bed feeling satisfied and not lay awake in bed all night due to hunger. 

Let’s have a look at three quick snacks that are ideal for bed time snacking that will fuel your muscles and keep your stomach happy. 

Cottage Cheese With Peanut Butter 

The first option for bed time snacking to consider is cottage cheese mixed with a little natural peanut butter.  This snack is one of the best options to consider as it contains a form of protein known as casein protein, which will release more slowly in the body for the coming overnight fast. 

This will then ensure that your muscles have a steady supply of nutrients to feed off of throughout the night and will help to prevent you from waking up hungry. 

The healthy fats that are found in peanut butter will also help to further slow the digestion process and keep hunger on the very low side.  Plus, maintaining some intake of healthy fats while dieting can help to keep your hormonal levels where they should be, assisting with the fat burning process itself. 

Salmon Dip With Whole Wheat Crackers 

The second bed time snacking choice that you might want to think about is salmon dip with a few whole wheat crackers.  You’ll want to eat no more than a couple crackers, however, as it is important that your carb intake is relatively low during this time. 

Mix up a bit of canned salmon with some fat-free mayonnaise and smear over the crackers for this snack. The salmon is ideal because it’ll contain protein along with essential fatty acids, making sure that you meet your nutrient needs. Delicious always, but especially for bed time snacking! 

Greek Yogurt With Almonds 

Finally, the last snack that you can use to get you through the night is Greek yogurt with almonds.  Greek yogurt is a fantastic source of protein and contains no sugar at all, so will not cause you to wake up at night with crashing blood glucose levels. 

The almonds supply the healthy fat in this meal so will round out your wholesome nutrition. 

So there you have the three options for bed time snacking that you’ll want to consider on your fat loss diet.  Make sure that you take these into account and you’ll have no problem reaching your goals. 

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