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Life can start to feel hopeless after trying multiple boot camp programs, fitness trends, gym memberships, and self-help videos only to continue to struggle with your weight and overall health.

Find real results at Elite Edge! After beginning their free week, thousands of other people just like you have gotten a glimpse of the transformation that is actually possible for them. These people have gone on to lose 20 – 180 pounds, get their lives back, and feel better with personalized nutrition counseling and ongoing training.

You can be the next person to join the movement that will change your life. Reach out today, and finally get a hold of the person you want to become.

Johnston Training Schedule

In order to accommodate the busy and constantly changing schedules of our members, Elite Edge Transformation coaches offer training sessions that begin on the hour each day. As listed in the chart schedule, stop in at any time that works for you!

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Free 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

We are the only facility that believes so much in our process that we pay for your transformation. You heard that right. If you make the change, it’s free. Here is how you succeed: You lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and your transformation is free. That is a guarantee. We plan on using your success to market Elite Edge transformation center. You can see before/after photos all over this website of people just like you who took our 6-Week Challenge, lost 20 pounds, and did the whole program for free. We want you to succeed, because if you succeed, we both succeed—that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

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Elite Edge Transformation Center Johnston, Iowa

Elite Edge Transformation Center

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Elite Edge Johnston

Meet Our Transformation Team

Wizer Hamilton

Wizer Hamilton


I began my journey back in 2015 as a participant in the 6 Week Challenge at Elite Edge Transformation Center in Ankeny. From that point, I began my path into powerlifting. Since then I have competed in four meets in two different weight classes, and am an active member of the Training For Warriors program at Elite Edge in Ankeny. As a coach, I want to be able to provide support, advice, coaching, and a great challenge for those ready and willing to put in the work to meet their goals. Outside of the gym, I love spending time with my family, cooking Filipino food, enjoying the outdoors, and am an avid book reader.

Justin Madison

Justin Madison


My background as a college football player at Iowa State, and with 2,000 hours of both group fitness class coaching and one-on-one resistance training lends to my specialty in getting you the results you’re willing to work for! As a coach, I am motivated when I watch someone else’s confidence grow over time and push past the limits they had previously placed on themselves. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing the piano, playing basketball, and traveling back to my hometown of Tampa, Florida.

Sullivan Baccam


A  Des Moines native, Sullivan has more than 15 years of experience working in sales and customer service. Sully is a Realtor by trade, with a passion for building Iowa businesses. Sully started his career working for Iowa’s largest independently owned bank where he gained a wealth of knowledge in relationship building, banking, and investments. In 2008, Sully began investing in real estate properties and his love for “flipping” houses quickly grew and led to additional opportunities in rental properties.  A jack of all trades, Sully is proud of his ownership and participation in Elite Edge Transformation Centers.

Toni Khounlo Minard


Toni Minard is an independent marketing contractor and works with businesses to create and implement marketing strategies. Toni has extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing communications and project coordination after having spent more than 13 years in the corporate environment. After experiencing the Elite Edge program first-hand, she is excited to now participate in the company.

These Members Transformed Their Lives with Elite Edge. You Can be Next.

Tyler Bradshaw
Tyler Bradshaw
13:34 20 Jul 19
I started this journey 12 weeks ago at a weight I was completely ashamed of and down right scared to go to a gym in fear of how people would judge me. My wife signed us up for a 6 week challenge and it truly has changed my life. I just finish my 2nd 6 week challenge and am rolling it into a 3rd. This isn’t about me though, it’s about how Elite Edge Johnston has changed my life. The day I walked in the door the friendly faces behind the counter and energetic coaches welcomed my and my 354.7 lb self in like I was family. The coaches are amazing and will hold you accountable in a way that encourages you, Ive never had that before. In the past I was apart of gyms or classes where the coaches try to shame you into working out harder or losing the weight. Not Coach J (who’s no longer there but was apart of my journey), not Coach Wizer and definitely not Coach/Owner Sully. Owners Teddy and Toni are amazing too, they are there working out everyday with you encouraging you to push yourself! They see the work you put in everyday and how you are truly trying and they truly love it, and it shows. I would truly recommend Elite Edge Johnston to anyone looking to lose weight. I promise you you will not be judged, you are allowed to go at your pace and you will have all the encouragement you will ever need everyday you walk in the doors! Thank you Elite Edge Johnston, I look forward to another 6 weeks of hard work!!!!
Tammy Rodriquez
Tammy Rodriquez
11:49 20 Jul 19
I would recommend Elite Edge Transformation Center Johnston. I took the 6 week challenge. After having several foot surgeries I had become unhealthy and gained weight. I did not think I would be able to participate in an exercise program because I was limited due to my foot surgeries. The coaches at Elite Edge modified any exercise that I was unable to do. My body transformation is AMAZING! I did not know I could look and feel so good in such a short time. I also learned about health and fitness. These people care about you and your success!
Stephen Rodriquez
Stephen Rodriquez
11:37 20 Jul 19
I would recommend Elite Edge Transformation Center Johnston. I took the 6-week challenge and it was challenging. I have limitations due to a back injury many years ago. Coach J (Justin Madison) was wonderful at planning ahead of time to make sure he had an alternate for that part of the workout. Elite Edge Transformation Center Johnston. really want you to succeed at your goals. The variety of exercises allows one muscle group to recover while working on a different group the next day. Cardio days are not about running, they are about strengthening and endurance. Anyone can do this if they can be disciplined and fully commit to 6-weeks to improve yourself. If you follow the instructions you will truly see a transformation.

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