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Life can start to feel hopeless after trying multiple boot camp programs, fitness trends, gym memberships, and self-help videos only to continue to struggle with your weight and overall health.

Find real results at Elite Edge! After beginning their free week, thousands of other people just like you have gotten a glimpse of the transformation that is actually possible for them. These people have gone on to lose 20 – 180 pounds, get their lives back, and feel better with personalized nutrition counseling and ongoing training.

You can be the next person to join the movement that will change your life. Reach out today, and finally get a hold of the person you want to become.

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Altoona Training Schedule

In order to accommodate the busy and constantly changing schedules of our members, Elite Edge Transformation coaches offer training sessions that begin on the hour each day. As listed in the chart schedule, stop in at any time that works for you!

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Free 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

We are the only facility that believes so much in our process that we pay for your transformation. You heard that right. If you make the change, it’s free. Here is how you succeed: You lose 20lbs in 6 weeks and your transformation is free. That is a guarantee. We plan on using your success to market Elite Edge transformation center. You can see before/after photos all over this website of people just like you who took our 6-Week Challenge, lost 20 pounds, and did the whole program for free. We want you to succeed, because if you succeed, we both succeed—that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

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Elite Edge Transformation Center Altoona, Iowa

Elite Edge Transformation Center

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Altoona, IA 50009
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Elite Edge Altoona

These Members Transformed Their Lives with Elite Edge. You Can be Next.

Mel Hippler
Mel Hippler
22:21 01 Sep 20
I joined Elite Edge in May 2020 based on a recommendation from my sister. She completed the 6 Week - 20 Pound Challenge in 2018 successfully. I told her I didn’t think I would eat the food in the plan, and workout 30 times in 6 weeks. I blew her off but the day fitness facilities opened back up (had been closed temporarily due to COVID-19), I went straight to the gym. I finally decided to put my past gym failures behind me and move forward. The past was in the past. Well, I was so very wrong about the food plan. There are so many different ways to cook the food in the list, as well as recipes other members suggested in our Facebook group. I was so pleased.I successfully completed 2 - 6 Week Challenges back-to-back. From the time I stepped foot in the gym through the end of both Challenges, I had lost approximately 50 pound. I had more support than I could have ever imagined by the trainers, administration, current as well as previous Challengers. Even trainers & staff from other locations helped me with any questions I had. My trainers Sierra and Axl are out of this world! They were and are still supportive, motivating and care about my success. I am currently a member looking forward to future success at Elite Edge. My goal is to lose an additional 50 pounds and I know I am at the right place. Thank You for everything Elite Edge!!!
Erin Bruner
Erin Bruner
01:07 01 Sep 20
Best experience hands down. I had an amazing coach who encouraged me daily and kept in touch with me to help with any questions I had during the challenge! Great people all around! I lost 21lbs during my 6 weeks and have decided I love it so much I joined the gym full time. My body is looking better everyday! My health is outstanding especially not having heartburn or headaches any longer. I highly recommend Elite Edge Cedar Rapids. You will get amazing results!
Diana Urbina
Diana Urbina
00:08 01 Sep 20
I just completed the 6 week challenge and I ended up losing more than 20 pounds. personally the diet was the hardest thing to do because you have to eat every 3 hours with VERY limited options. Usually I drank half a gallon of water but I bought a gallon jug with time stamps on the side which helped a lot! I went to the WDSM location in the afternoons mostly and worked out with Axl. He was very motivating and always checked up on you while you were there working out. Overall I loved the experience and I would definitely do it again.
Yulisa Najarro
Yulisa Najarro
18:06 31 Aug 20
I joined Elite Edge back in July for their 6 week challenge, I absolutely love everything about this center! The trainers there help you push yourself for better and are always concerned about their trainees. If you have never worked out or don’t know anything about going to the gym, I recommend this transformation center! They help you with any questions you may have and they are right by your side no matter what! I struggled to get to losing my 20 lbs in the challenge but I was helped by my trainer and manager to lose the few extra pounds I had to lose in a week and I ended up losing 21 pounds!! You don’t just change physically, but you change mentally as well by always thinking positive. Anything is possible if you put your mind into it.

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