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Life can start to feel hopeless after trying multiple boot camp program, fitness trends, gym memberships, and self-help videos only to continue to struggle with your weight and overall health.

Find real results at Elite Edge! After beginning their free week, thousands of other people just like you have gotten a glimpse of the transformation that is actually possible for them. These people have gone on to lose 20 – 180 pounds, get their lives back, and feel better with personalized nutrition counseling and ongoing training.

You can be the next person to join the movement that will change your life. Reach out today, and finally get a hold of the person you want to become.

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Altoona Training Schedule

In order to accommodate the busy and constantly changing schedules of our members, Elite Edge Transformation coaches offer training sessions that begin on the hour each day. As listed in the chart schedule, stop in at any time that works for you!

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Free 6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

We are the only facility that believes so much in our process that we pay for your transformation. You heard that right. If you make the change, it’s free. Here is how you succeed: You lose 20lbs in 6 Week and your transformation is free. That is a guarantee. We plan on using your success to market Elite Edge transformation center. You can see before/after photos all over this website of people just like you who took our 6-Week Challenge, lost 20 pounds, and did the whole program for free. We want you to succeed, because if you succeed, we both succeed—that’s what we call a WIN-WIN.

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Elite Edge Transformation Center Altoona, Iowa

Elite Edge Transformation Center

501 8th Street SW
Altoona, IA 50009
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Elite Edge Altoona

Meet Our Transformation Team

Hunter Gerths

Hunter Gerths

Coach & Youth Trainer

How long have you been with Elite?

  • I’ve been a trainer at Elite since 2020.

When did fitness become an interest for you?

  • I found a passion for fitness in seventh grade when my friends invited me to workout at his dad’s gym. From that day forward I had a passion for fitness that continued to grow! I loved being in the weight room getting stronger! In high school I found a love for football! After high school I worked hard to get to 285 lbs. and played offensive guard and offensive tackle at Northeast Missouri

Why do you love coaching here at Elite?

  • After college I knew that I needed to lose some weight. I dialed in my nutrition and realized the importance of working out 5-6 days a week. I got down to 220lbs. I know my experience helps me understand the challenges of gaining and losing weight. I love working with clients and helping them learn. I believe
    the key to losing weight or getting into shape is “consistency!”

What is your background?

  • I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in corporate recreation and previously
    worked for Genesis Health Club
Kristy Anderson

Kristy Anderson

Owner & Coach

How long have you been with Elite?

  • I started at Elite Edge in Ankeny early 2015. I decided to franchise in August
    2018 because I wanted to share Elite Edge and the massive impact it had on
    me with another community of people.

When did fitness become an interest for you?

  • In high school running and lifting helped me have a healthier mindset around body-image. After having my 2nd child, I needed to lose weight and I started running, then eventually started a running club. I loved inspiring and sharing information about fitness and nutrition related to running. I’ve had my own weight challenges as an adult either being overweight or needing to change
    my muscle/fat ratio.

Why do you love fitness and Elite?

  • I love the science behind fitness, nutrition and what makes our bodies work. I love encouraging others and building relationships while seeing them transform their bodies and mindsets! They inspire me as they push to try harder to reach my own goals, have fun and laugh!

Tell us a little bit about you?

  • I enjoy being active outdoors (paddle boarding, kayaking, and hiking are my favorite!) I’m originally from Nebraska but have lived in Iowa since 2003. I currently live in Ankeny and have 2 amazing kids and 2 rabbits

These Members Transformed Their Lives with Elite Edge. You Can be Next.

Tony Atkinson
Tony Atkinson
12:19 14 Sep 23
I’ve got the BJJ bug after completing the beginner class. It’s also fun having our 2 youngest in the kids BJJ class. Overall having good challenges and feeling sore but in a positive way.
Julio Cervantes
Julio Cervantes
19:52 24 Aug 23
If you are looking for a fun challenging and weight loss gym, Elite Edge Transformation is the place for you. Don't look more because at Elite Edge Transformation you don't only work out but rather train for a future you. If you ask me, I am more thankful with Elite Edge because they literally transformed me into a new person, not only because they helped me in the process of losing 32 pounds but also because they helped me make healthier choices. I am really proud of myself because I had tried different methods for losing weight, but I would always give up and never accomplish any of them. However, with elite I felt welcomed and always had a coach behind me telling me "Don't give up" or "you can do it". Thank you coaches for making me feel like part of the family and for making these 6 weeks challenge the best.
Maria Cervantes
Maria Cervantes
14:58 19 Aug 23
I would totally recommend elite edge transformation if you are looking to shed lots of pounds. Specially the six week challenge which I took. I am proud to say that I lost 24 pounds and it wasn’t bad at all. I honestly thought it was going to be really hard for me but I actually enjoyed everything of the six week challenge. The coaches are excellent teachers and are always there to support you. Thank you Elite edge transformation for transforming my life and making a big change on it. I will from now on make healthier choices thanks to Elite Edge Transformation. Thanks for helping me and guiding me trough this stage of my life.
Rachel Zimmerman
Rachel Zimmerman
17:47 16 Jul 23
14 months ago, I discovered Elite Edge after doing a Google search of “best gyms in Des Moines,” and I have to say, joining this gym is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Prior to this, I had never done group fitness before, but it has motivated me to come to the gym consistently, and I love that each day is different. I’ve even made a couple of friends here (who would’ve thought people could be social at 5:00 in the morning?), which is another highlight.The owner, Eric, does an awesome job motivating you to do your best and to challenge yourself, and he’s always there when you need him to show you (again) how to do an exercise. He’s so knowledgeable about body mechanics, and he explains the “why” behind proper form. He also gets to know you as a person and checks in with you every week. Not to mention, Eric starts his day with a 4AM class and puts in so many hours teaching additional classes in the evening and at the Grimes location. It’s obvious how much he cares about the culture of this gym and helping people with their fitness journey.At this gym, you’re surrounded by people of varying ages and abilities, and you never feel intimidated to try things you would’ve thought were impossible. It feels like an individual workout but in a group setting. I’m certainly not an athlete, and I never saw myself engaging with strength training, but I’ve never looked back. Also, the other trainers: Zayren, Jordan, David, Ashley, and Ginger are awesome support too. I highly recommend Elite Edge because I’ve had nothing but positive experiences here.

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