Muay Thai Training for Fitness

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When you think of  a MMA fighter you usually think of a ripped and in shape athlete like Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre. MMA fighters are considered the fittest athletes on the planet, and….. they usually are. MMA or UFC as some newer fans call it is a sport fight with some rules, no spiking someone down on top of the head, no kicks to a downed opponent, no groin eye or mouth poking striking  or hitting of any kind and no hits to the back of the head. Other than that almost all martial arts techniques are legal. The three main martial arts used in MMA are Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, and Wrestling. These three martial arts or sports have proven through combat that they are the most useful in a real fist fight to protect yourself, family and friends or just to win a match.

I want to talk today about one of those martial arts, as a sport it originated in Thailand, Muay Thai. The sport of Muay Thai is one of the most grueling and intense sports on the planet. Muay Thai translates to the science of eight limbs because, in it you use punches, elbows, knees and kicks as opposed to just two limbs in boxing or four limbs in kickboxing.

Muay Thai athletes are conditioned to go from three to ten, three minute rounds. One of the main reasons Muay Thai fighters are so conditioned is because unlike baseball,football and basketball you don’t get brakes and time outs or have a backup to come in when you get too tired. No…. its just you out there, and if you get tired you cant call a timeout you just get beaten up or knocked out. That alone can give you a whole new level of motivation, trust me no one wants to get pummeled or beaten up in public in front of friends and family like I said…. alot of motivation to win or at least not gas out.

With that being said I am sure you have no interest in the competition side of Muay Thai. But if you do, go to and message me at to come check out a class and see if its for you. I am guessing though most of you if you’re reading this are interested in weight loss, getting in killer shape and having the lean toned hard body like a fighter. Not getting in the ring and slugging it out every night. So lets talk about why it is such a good workout.

Did you know in a hour of kickboxing training you can burn between 600-1000 calories! That is pretty incredible and exciting if weight loss is your goal. Muay Thai workouts consist of Jumping rope, hitting the heavy bag, pad work and foot work drills. All of these are great for weight loss and variety. But that’s not the only benefit of Muay Thai Training, it will increase your flexibility, coordination and reflexes. And it is alot lower impact on your legs than running.

Why does doing Muay Thai Kickboxing burn so many calories? Muay Thai is called the science of eight limbs for a reason, in a good Muay Thai workout you will use all eight of them for a full body weight loss workout. Punches, kness, elbows and kicks all in endless combinations. Anytime you can use your entire body you’re going to burn alot more calories. Making Muay Thai a great full body workout. If you wanna make it even harder throw in some burpees at the end of your combinations and burn some extra calories. Think 1 calorie per burpee. Throw in 200  burpees and you wont feel so bad about that doughnut you had for breakfast on Sunday morning. You didn’t think I knew did you?  lol

Here is a quick Little Muay Thai Kickboxing workout you can do.

start with two, three minute rounds of jump rope followed by 1 min break

One round of shadow boxing for three minutes, followed by 1 min break

Three , 3 minute rounds on the punching bag, followed by 1 min break between each round                                                                          Throwing these combos

1. 10 Jab,Cross, Hook Right Roundhouse Kick

2. 10 alternating knees, right elbow,left elbow, right uppercut,left uppercut

3.10 Jab, Cross Right knee, Left Roundhouse

after you do 10 of each repeat tell end of round

After you finish your heavy bag rounds, take a 2 minute break and do the following as fast as you can.

10 Burpee Right Kicks

10 Burpee Left Kicks

10 Jab Cross Burpee

rest 1 min

repeat circuit 3 times.

a burpee kick is simply a burpee followed by a kick.


I hope you enjoyed the article, if you live in Des Moines and are interested in weight loss Muay Thai or just want to get in killer shape email me at or call 515 987 8100 and come in and try a  out a FREE  Lean Body Boot Camp or muay thai class. Our lean body boot camp program includes 2 days of kickboxing training a week and our muay thai class is a more in depth technical class but also a fantastic workout. Both classes are great for people who are looking to get in shape or just train for fun.